One-Year Warranty
All parts (except OEM CPUs, clearance items and refurbished items) come with a warranty against manufacturer defect or failure for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. This warranty covers replacment of the product with the same product or like product as derermined by the customer and RMA when direct replacement is unavailable.

Manufacturer Warranty
Manufacturers often offer additional warranty for the following products: hard drives, retail boxed CPUs, and monitors. Customers should contact the perspective manufacturer after warranty with PCTekonline.com expires.

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime warranty is given to all cables. This warranty is for replacement of like items only. Lifetime warranty does not cover items out of production if PCTekonline.com no longer stocks them. (Lifetime is defined as the lifetime of the product on the market. Outdated technology is not covered by lifetime warranty if the item is no longer available on the common market as a new product).

All Other Warranty Coverage
Certain parts may come with extended Manufactuer's Warranty. The equipment Manufacturer honors this warranty and PCTekonline.com assumes no responsibility in honoring this warranty. PCTekonline.com will attempt to RMA a product to the manufacturer in special cases when requested by the customer. Customer assumes all shipping costs to manufacturers.

Warranty Forfeiture
Warranty is not granted if a product is received without original invoice. Warranty is void if serial tags, receiving numbers, product stickers, or manufacturer seals have been removed, altered or tampered with. Warranty is void if mishandling, improper use, or defacing of the product that would normally void manufacturer's warranty has occured. Products damaged due to improper or inadequate packaging when returned for RMA purposes are not granted warranty coverage.

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